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GMA - Committee for Good Government
What is GMACGG?

The Georgia Mining Association Committee For Good Government is a nonprofit bipartisan, voluntary committee of corporate and individual representatives interested in supporting state legislative programs of the mining and business community. Formed in 1984, both mining and associate members are encouraged to participate in GMACGG. GMACGG’s primary objectives are to foster, encourage, and promote good government and to enhance the economic well being of the mining industry in Georgia.

How will you benefit?

GMACGG is your voice in the State Capitol on legislation of interest to the business community and the mining industry. Candidates for state-wide and legislative office who have demonstrated a commitment to sound government and economic well being of the State of Georgia need our financial support. GMACGG contributions are made to candidates who have shown a willingness to consider the industry’s position on legislative matters.

GMACGG gives mining companies, supplier firms and individuals an effective, affordable vehicle for participating as part of a larger effort. Individuals and companies multiply their clout through participation in GMACGG. GMACGG is an important means of increasing your involvement in the political process.

Who governs GMACGG?

Article VII, Section 1 of the bylaws of the GMACGG states: The Board of Trustees (of the GMACGG) shall consist of no more than six persons appointed by the Board of Directors of the Georgia Mining Association, one of whom shall be the Chairman of the Board and one of whom shall be a GMA Associate member representative. The bylaws provide that the GMACGG Board of Trustees are appointed for a one year term. Members of the Board of Trustees are responsible for approving expenditures made by GMACGG to candidates for State office.

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